Start Making Games

So You Wanna Start Making Games?

You can start today! All by yourself!
I know it sounds intimidating, so here are some good starting points for total newbies. - A tool that will give you customized guides and advice, specifically for total beginners.

Pixel Prospector - The biggest collection of resources for indie game developers I've ever seen.

Other Great Resources - A hub of all kinds of resources to get you started.

A Beginner's Guide To Making Your First Videogame - Another guide I wrote to help out total newbies.

Code Academy - An interactive site that teaches you how to start programming.

Distribute Your Games

Platforms - A digital storefront that will allow you to sell your games, bundles, and run jams.

Patreon - A crowdfunding platform that allows people to subscribe to your work.

GameJolt - Indie game hub website.

Philome - Free Twine hosting.

Marketing And Promotion

presskit() - A free tool to help you create a presskit for your game.

Work At A Studio

How To Get Hired

From Student to Designer - A comprehensive multi-part series by Liz England, a game designer at Insomniac.

How To Get a Job In The Games Industry (IGN) - Advice for those who want to jump right into the studio system.

5 Ways To Help You Get A Job In The Games Industry - Advice from a recruiter.

Find Job Openings

Gamasutra Jobs Board - Job openings posted by major studios. Jobs Board - Another list of job openings posted by major studios.

Orca Jobs - A site that lists games jobs from a number of other sources.

IndieDB Jobs Board - Job listings from smaller operations and studios.

#GameJobs on Twitter - Companies often post listings on this hashtag.

The Website Of A Studio You Want To Work At - Most studios have a "careers" page where they list current openings, that they might not promote or share out to job boards or services like LinkedIn. Here's a list of studios if you need a place to start.

Accessibility Guides

Reach a Wider Audience!

A Practical Guide To Game Accessibility (AbleGamers) - A 48 page fully-illustrated roadmap for developers to reach the highest level of accessibility possible for each game.

Common Game Words Translated - A spreadsheet that translates words commonly used in games and game UI into other languages.

If You Are Reading This, You Are Not Blind - Amir Rajan gives practical advice on designing & engineering games more accessible to people with limited or no sight.

Game Accessibility Guidelines - "Award winning guidance, examples and advice on why and how to cater for gamers with disabilities and other impairments".

Find Game Assets

***With all open-source materials, please make sure you check the documentation to see what kinds of uses are acceptable, and give the credit the creators ask for. Thanks!***

Art, Sound, and Music - One of the biggest sites for open-source game resources.

Assemblee Competition Assets - Assets created and open-sourced during the Assemblee Game Jam competition (which some really cool games came out of, too!).

Art Assets For Game Developers - Big list of sites that have assets for devs. Game Assets - Game assets distributed via, some are free, some cost money.

Code, Engines, and Plugins

The Big List Of Game-Making Tools - PixelProspector's huge list of tools and frameworks.

Puzzlescript - An open-source HTML5 puzzle game engine.

Termlib.js - Create text-parsing interactive fiction.

GameDev Guides

General/Multipurpose Game Resources

GDC Vault - Talks recorded at the Game Developers Conference on just about anything you can think of.

Juice It Or Lose It! - A talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho about adding polish to games.

Finishing A Game - A post by Derek Yu on finishing games and how it's a skill unto itself.

Tiny Design - Bite-sized bits of game design analysis.

Game Art Tricks - A series that is exactly what it sounds like.

Extra Credits - Super approachable video series about game design.

Topic-Specific Resources

Roguelike Dev FAQ - A ton of useful information for people looking to make roguelikes.

Procedural Content Generation Wiki - A central knowledge-base for all things procedural content based.

Spelunky Level Generator Lessons - A complete, working copy of Spelunky that has been modded to just show you the first part of the level generation algorithm.

Threemails - Emails between the creators of Threes! that show the process that went into creating the game.

Voice Actor Hiring Cheat Sheet - Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell gives insight into hiring voice actors for your game.

Aim Acceleration In Console Shooters - A two-part, in-depth analysis of a critical part of game feel for shooters.

Level Design Reference DB - A database of reference shots for level designers.

Write About Games

Advice For Starting Out

How To Break Into Video Game Writing: Advice From An Expert - An interview with Dan Amrich, author of Critical Path: How to Review Video Games for a Living.

"I Want To Write About Games, How Do I Start?" - Advice from GiantBomb's Austin Walker.

How I Made It As A Videogame Journalist - Brendan Keogh on his experiences getting into games writing.

Other Resources

Gamasutra News Guidelines - Though this is specific to one site, there's a lot of wisdom in there too.

Meet Other Gamefolks


TIGSource - Independent game developer forums.

/r/GameDev (reddit) - The biggest reddit community for game developers.

IGDA - The International Game Developers Association. - Forums for technical artists in videogame and film development.

In Person

IGDA Local Chapters - A list of local chapters of the International Game Developer Association and where to find & contact them.

AbleGamers Event Calendar - A variety of events, benefits, and accessibility arcades.


GaymerX - An annual convention focused on games and gaming culture with a focus on creating a fun and safe space for gamers and gaymers of all identities to have fun and hang out with like minded folks.

IndieCade - Features indie games from around the world with a focus on the cutting edge of what's new and interesting.

Different Games - An annual student and volunteer-lead conference on diversity and inclusivity in games.

QGCon - An annual, community-oriented, nationally-recognized event dedicated to exploring the intersection of LGBTQ issues and video games.

Alterconf - A travelling conference series that provides safe opportunities for marginalized people and those who support them in the tech and gaming industries.

Discover Cool Work


Forest Ambassador - Free, accessible, and short games curated by merritt kopas

Screenshot Saturday - Screenshots of in-development games from all over the world.

Writing About Games

The Arcade Review - Criticism on experimental games.

Critical Distance - Covering some of the most interesting games writing happening right now.

Do A Game Jam

What Is A Game Jam?

A Game Jam is when a group of game developers get together in a limited amount of time and create a game from start to finish, usually on a theme. Perfect for beginners looking to try their hand at making a small game with strict constraints and low time committment, and great for veteran designers who just want to try something new without investing years into development.

Find A Jam! Jams - A hub for game jams.

Compohub - Another hub for game jams.

Ludum Dare - One of the longest and largest running game jams in the world.

Global Game Jam - A tremendous worldwide game jam that happens every January.

What Is This?

What are these links?

This is a curated list of useful resources, maintained by Zoe Quinn and originally made as a companion piece to The goal is to expand the scope of and provide resources and tools to anyone who feels like games might not be for them, or that they are but they're unsure of where to start looking.

How are links chosen?

Links are collected based on how useful, current, and updated they are. I regularly solicit links from the rest of the game community and add them to the list based on how useful the community at large seems to find them, and personal preference.

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